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Beiersdorf / Eucerin
Briconti / Zmile

Hessischer Rundfunk / You FM

Childhood Foundation Germany


Elegante Bedlinen

European Commission
European Parlament

Seaside Collection


  • With the entrenous team, we have a trusted and empathetic partner at our side for branding projects. This was essential especially when it comes to the highly sensitive topic of child protection.

    Dr. Astrid Helling-Bakki,
    Managing Director / World Childhood Foundation
  • Our Institution greatly benefited from the new work masterclass conducted by Maud Schock and her team. We learned a lot from their co-creative principles and how to break up silo thinking.

    Thibault Lesenecal,
    Head of Web Communication Unit / European Parliament
  • In these times of social division, it’s not always easy as a young, public broadcaster to authentically communicate without coming across as a moral authority. The entrenous team worked with us to determine which tonality and corresponding mix of topics were needed to ideally meet this challenge.

    Martin Neumann,
    Head of You FM Aktuell and Crossmedia / Hessischer Rundfunk
  • As a family business, we require a balance of company culture, tradition, and innovation. With the digital competence of entrenous, we have succeeded in transferring our core values into the digital age and establishing our own, successful online shop.

    Signe Peperkorn,
    Entrepreneur / elegante bed-linen fashion GmbH
  • We sell digital solutions that revolutionize traditional working processes in hospitals. With entrenous, we have a strategic and competent partner at our side to drive these change processes in our corporate communication.

    Ralf Dittmer,
    Managing Director / AlsterText GmbH und Co. KG

Who we are
and how we

entrenous takes an active role in social change. We are always there where new impulses in are set free and embrace them with ideas, language, images, and content. These trends are then translated into communication strategies and campaigns that leave stereotypes behind. We continually question conventions from a woman’s perspective. Because the future is female. For us, gender empathy and female shift are all contemporary narratives. That’s why we bring brand communication and journalistic content together to create unique cross-channel communication and content that is not only understood but felt.

Our way of seeing and doing things isn’t just something we profit from. On the contrary, with our support, companies can sustainably strengthen their brand while credibly demonstrating their social responsibility.

  • Maud Schock


    Founder / Brand & Communication Consulting

    Standing still is not Maud’s thing. On the contrary, she's a person in constant motion. She loves trends, lives her job to the fullest, and is always there for her clients. Most of all, she is always open to social change. That's why she relies on a female shift. “For me, advertising agencies are lagging behind social developments – in my opinion, marketing communication for women still hasn’t found its voice. Often, it drifts into clichés instead of offering authentic content for a female target group. As a new agency and content platform, entrenous represents for me a logical step in making a new and relevant impact.“ Together with a network of specialists, her goal is to offer holistic brand strategies and a new sense of togetherness. “30 million consumers are waiting for the right approach and message. And that’s exactly what my customers can expect from us.”

    Maud Schock brings with her over 25 years of professional experience in the communication industry. She has led global brands in London, Paris, and Hamburg while working in renowned network agencies such as BBDO, TBWA and FCB. entrenous GmbH, is the second agency she has founded.


    “Forget pink, unicorns, and blah blah – we create the right communication for every brand!“

  • Anouk Buridant


    Senior Art Director

    As senior art director at entrenous, one can sense the vibes of Paris and Hamburg that flow into Anouk’s work. For ten years she accompanied luxury brands in creative agencies in Paris, until she moved to the Elbe and took over the artistic direction at entrenous since 2022. Her portfolio is full of everything but the standard visual fare. For her, the goal is to always create a high-quality and individual look that fully reflects the story behind the brand. “I like the fact that for a design to truly work, you must first create contrast and tension.” For Anouk, producing engaging results consists in combining unexpected and seemingly contradictory subject areas. In creating inviting, shared stories, she uses her natural ability to listen and understand in a comprehensive way.

    Anouk Buridant is a senior art director with a special affinity and a feel for luxury & beauty. She has worked in various creative agencies in Paris and Hamburg, where she visually supervised major luxury brands (Givenchy, Guerlain, Jean Paul Gautier, YSL, L'Oréal Luxe). At entrenous, she is responsible for supporting the agency’s conceptual and artistic direction.


    “Unexpected combinations can produce a unique result.”

  • Jil Peitz


    Senior Social Media Manager

    What’s the beauty of social media? Whether start-up, medium-sized company, or big player brand - everyone can become more visible to their target group, provided they optimally use the available resources. This is where Jil comes in. The experienced Social Media Manager knows exactly how effective social media marketing works and enables clients to generate more reach, acquire new customers, and increase profit through creative and approachable concepts. “I can deal with everything except boredom and love working on a multitude of fronts. I enjoy thinking about how to make a brand visually and contextually more accessible to the right target group.” For her, it is important to not only address the fast-paced social media areas from Instagram to TikTok - but to also create the right tonality with a lasting global vision and tailor-made message. Because only when brands meet their customers on an equal footing can sustainable connections be created in a non-binding world.

    Jil Peitz gained a wide range of experience while working at the Hamburg creative agency Blacksheep Communications. While there, she consulted and supported medium-sized and multinational companies with their digital communication. Since 2021, she has been responsible for social media at entrenous.


    “The most important thing in the social media cosmos: stay curious.”

  • Gracie Yu


    Project Manager

    A good project manager plays a central role in the implementation and success of any job. That’s why we’re more than thrilled that we have Gracie with us at entrenous. Her work is characterized by exceptionally high standards, and she always brings out the best in all of us. Tough workloads and the stress of everyday agency life are no match for her – on the contrary. We always say “accuracy is her middle name” because she always has the smallest of details in view, keeps track of all to-dos, and never loses her cool even during the most stressful deadlines. For Gracie, diversity is an issue she cares deeply for. “I have led many campaigns and teams from different cultures in Germany and China and have always found it very inspiring.“

    Gracie Yu began her career in Shanghai, where she was responsible for the implementation of global campaigns such as Nivea for the Chinese market at TBWA Shanghai. She has been working as a Senior Account Service Professional in Hamburg since 2010 and successfully leads international campaigns through her global perspective. Like now at entrenous.


    “Mental power is my engine for successful projects.”

  • Andrea Prantner


    Administration and Finance Manager

    Whether it’s complex financial issues, administrative procedures, or agency organization – thanks to her comprehensive experience, Andrea Prantner always has things under control. And that means that everyone at entrenous can rely on her for support and consultation for all internal topics. “I manage the agency internally so that the team can focus on their client’s projects.“ Andrea is a big fan of digitalization, especially in the implementation and optimization of processes, tools, and standards.

    Andrea Partner's career began at BBDO Düsseldorf in art buying. It was there that she discovered her passion for the in-house management of companies. Among other projects and products, she was involved in the development of the beer brand SOL in Germany, the Sleek Magazine and still supports the research agency STURM und DRANG as well as entrenous.


    “My motto: first work on the inside before taking it outside.”

  • Mathyas Lopez


    Digital Strategist

    Mathyas is our sparring partner for all digital topics. Whether it’s omni-channel strategies or the development of content for various media scapes, Mathyas has a trained and talented eye for them all. For him, digital storytelling, SEO, corporate blogging, image clips, and online shops are all fascinating channels for activating consumers along a unique customer journey. “Holistic approach is currently an important buzzword – and that's exactly how I view digital marketing. I would like to present my clients the changing online world with all its potential fields of activity as a whole and show them how they can successfully implement them.“ Another important issue for Mathyas is sustainability. He is very enthusiastic about sustainable values and how they can be integrated into companies: “I encourage everyone to question the status quo and seek new opportunities together.

    Mathyas Lopez has been active since 2012 in digital marketing for agencies and companies such as TBWA/Integer, Jung von Matt, Unilever. During that time, he has overseen, among others, the digital presence of 25 P&G brands. In 2018, he founded his own organic food company and has been part of the entrenous team since 2022.


    “We can only implement big ideas and social change together.”

  • Simone Schabenberger


    Creative Art Director

    The goal of every company and brand is to be positively perceived and seen. Visual communication that touches hearts, awakes interest, and incites action is a specialty of Simone Schabenberger: “An artwork is only really good if the viewer gets the right feeling and can immerse herself in a world. I achieve this by working with love and passion for detail.” Numerous awards (CLIO, ADC, D&ADA) across various fields from visual campaign development, brand building, film, print, and social media prove how successful this strategy is. For Simone, the female perspective is a fundamental part of the creative processes “This way, I can have a say in which image of women we anchor in the minds of coming generations.“

    During her 20 years in advertising, Simone Schabenberger has worked in large network agencies such as TBWA and FCB, where she has created campaigns and brand guides for clients such as NIVEA, bebe, Always, Labello, and Stop the water while using me. Since joining us at entrenous, she has been Creative Art Director.


    “With images, I create emotions that work long before the text is read.”


We believe in the exponential power of diversity. That's why our teams consist of highly talented people from various disciplines, who are ready to take things to new levels. Whether freelancers or employees, we are all united by a commitment to creativity, respect for one another, and the shared task at hand. entrenous is a vibrant, growing organism that's not only open to people of all genders and backgrounds but also to global trends, the codes of small communities, the needs of international beauty & luxury brands as well as local SMEs.

 What moves us   What moves us 

 What moves us   What moves us 


We’re an agency that’s constantly growing. So, it’s no wonder that we’re always looking for inspiring and motivated people who are as committed to driving social change as we are. If you want to set into motion what moves us, then we look forward to getting to know you.

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